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The Bad Dad Orchestra

The Bad Dad Orchestra

Part soul rock juggernaut, part blues brethren, part support group.  A simple idea born of friendship, beers and fatherhood has flourished and taken shape. Somehow a blend of big guitars, stiff horns and Hammond engineering, these 8 dads may well be on their way to procuring something that may just stand the test of vogue. Hallowing vocals from front man Jimi Steele will leave you satisfied, drums that deliver a wall of concrete, yet subtle in time, guitars that are solid and rocking, keys that wrap around the notes, a horn section precise yet swinging and bass lines that are timeless.

Each member has done their fair share of touring locally, nationally and internationally, earning self-respect and a keen understanding of just what it takes to be successful at their chosen trade. These guys know how to write a song and they certainly know how to play them. A cross between Tom Jones meets The Black Keys meets Tom Waits in a bathtub full of rock n roll, with Angus, and some 70’s swinging disco grooves.




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