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The Baseballs

The Baseballs

In 2007 three young guys from Germany started to rock the world of the 21st century with the Rock’n’Roll of the 1950s and 1960s. Two records, with more than 1 million sold CDs, 9 platinum and 8 golden awards and two sold out European tours later, you clearly can say: Mission accomplished!

The release of their debut album “Strike!” in May 2009 ignited BASEBALLS mania all across Europe. The band held top positions in the European charts for weeks, achieved record-breaking sales: 4x platinum in Finland, platinum in Sweden, Norway and Holland, Double-platinum in Switzerland, silver in the UK and gold in Germany.

On April 15 the winners of the German Echo Award 2010 for Best Newcomer release their new album “Strings’n’Stripes”. With “Strings’n’Stripes” Sam, Basti and Digger release their second album on April 15. They remain true to themselves and their love of the sound of the Fifties and Sixties, this time around presenting their own versions of “California Girls” (Katy Perry), “Quit Playing Games” (Backstreet Boys) or “Paparazzi” (Lady Gaga).

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