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The Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful Girls

Periscopes, LaMar, Blackbird and I Thought About You, amazing performances all over the planet, the voice of Mat McHugh, heart-on-the-sleeve songs, pioneering Australia’s surf-roots-reggae sounds – these are things fans worldwide think of when they think of The Beautiful Girls.

From the fateful evening on which Mat McHugh decided that playing an open mic night was the way to win the girl of his dreams, the path for The Beautiful Girls has been adventurous, winding and often unexpected. That evening led to the formation and naming of the band, the outfit who provided the means for McHugh’s musical musings. His role in the band was the front man and creative force, which led to glowing reviews, tours, international travel, meetings with heroes, dalliances with villains and an exploration of what was important as a human being, an artist and a man.

A new album by The Beautiful Girls is in the works, to be ready for an October release. There is a Pledge campaign which has galvanised existing fans and new followers alike, the music is flowing, the band is in shape and they are going to be touring to present the familiar and the soon-to-be-familiar songs of The Beautiful Girls.

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