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The Brains Trust

The Brains Trust

Brisbane, QLD
The Brains Trust are the production and live crew of 3 Friends with musical benefits.

Nobody is really sure of who they are, or how they even met. All that is really clear is the fact that they had a bizarre and vague series of events with a mystical Guru who gave them a heightened aptitude for making solid beats and soul music

Despite there being no actual physical evidence of their previous accomplishments, The Brains Trust swear that in their previous aliases and musical escapades they have managed to tour Australia and New Zealand, support Big local and international acts, play larger-scale festivals and stages spanning multiple genres and music scenes.

The Brains Trust live set consists of astounding tunes, huge sub bass, banging beats, and some compelling soul music thanks to vocal powerhouse Jess Lean.

* * Trust in The Brains Trust * *

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