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They have accumulated fans as voraciously as stamps in their passports; a global army of people of all ages who tell stories of driving hundreds of kilometers, giving up day jobs, flying across the world, falling in love in a crowd, and overcoming the insurmountable in order to wave their hands in the air in revelry at a show.

“Over time this band has become more and more about the people who support it, rather than being about the musicians in it”, says Felix.

“What I mean by that is it’s the supporters, the fans for want of a better word, who propel this band forward. They’re incredibly passionate, generous and responsive to what we deliver up.”

As an ultimate compliment to their loyal fans, for the release of ‘Rising With The Sun’ The Cat Empire wanted to literally see their faces. They invited fans to send a photo of themselves to be included in the album cover art. As a result the band managed to include over 3500 photos of their fans from around the world. Felix continues “It’s really the fans who keep this show on the road, and give us reason to keep creating. We are lucky to have that.”

All the while these 6 musicians have honed their craft to become unstoppable on the global stage. Their European agent says “They are an impossible act to follow. The reason they close most festival stages is because other bands are afraid to go on after them!”.

However, amidst the chaos and fun, the truth of this band is that they are greatly accomplished musicians who know how to deliver a world class show. What’s most impressive is that these guys who met through the love of music before they had all turned 18, seem to have retained their very Australian sense of humour and energy despite, or perhaps because of, a work ethic that sets them apart in the modern day music industry.

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