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The Dave Sunderband

The Dave Sunderband

We like Dave. We love Daves. We’re all about Daves. Is your name Dave? Do you know Dave? Do you know a Dave?

One of the Sunshine Coast’s leading pop / inter-generational homoerotica fusion trios that sing songs specifically about Dave(s). They fit many hats (and/or aviators) and have never played without one (and/or aviators.)

Signed to a major music festival after 5 hours of collaboration, they now they melt faces, rock worlds (and bedposts) on the regular.

Influences include, but are not limited to: Spandau Ballet, Milli and Vanilli, Rick Astley, 5ive, Justin Timberlake (pre-n’sync), Glen Miller, NWA, Black Sabbath, Spinal Tap, the drummer from U2, Tori Amos, Gloria Esteban, The Von Trapp family, Chet Atkins, Hamish Imlach, Paco Penã, you know when you get Windows Media player and there’s default songs…. Yeah, those. Ken from Solbar, Lois Griffin, Franzl Lang, David Bedford’s “With 100 Kazoos”.

They are Dave. 24/7. 8 Daves a week.

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