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The Hayden Hack Infusion

The Hayden Hack Infusion

Infusing a combination of Funk, Jazz, Afrobeat and the underlaying dance beats of the Reggae nations – The Hayden Hack Infusion honours the musical journeys of their travelling namesake. Hailing from South Africa, Hayden Hack has travelled the world playing his own brand of Funky Rootsy high spirited, high vibrational music. From some of South Africa’s finest venues to busking in the UK and Asia, Hayden Hack has watched the world from a viewpoint that only an artisan can, and is writing songs that represent his experiences of the emotional and cultural influences of these interactions.

Always holding a love for Australia from his many visits, Hayden has now settled in Queensland where he lives with his Wife and family in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. He now delivers the music of his travelling stories with his new band and friends, Mitch Ruggles (Bass), Wayne Reid (Drums), Steve Mcleish(Percussion and Sax) and Paddy Kiernen (Acoustic Guitar). Jimmy Halliday (Trumpet), Lee Hardisty (sax)

“There has been a unifying of musical passions and a strengthened belief that has vitalised the songs and can only be achieved in this group dynamic. It has taken the music to another level of depth and delivery and given it a unifying crispness. It is also just a great privilege to be playing music with these talented people” says Hayden. If you enjoy all shapes and colours of music – then you are sure to be inspired by the pure blend of talent and the broad sonic palette that is The Hayden Hack Infusion.

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