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The New Power Generation

The New Power Generation

The New Power Generation, a.k.a. The NPG, was the backing band of the artist Prince, from 1990 to 2013. Although the phrase “Welcome to the New Power Generation” was first mentioned on the opening track of Prince’s 1988’s “Lovesexy” album, the NPG was first used as a band name in Prince’s 1990 movie “Graffiti Bridge”, and the song “New Power Generation” appeared on the accompanying soundtrack album. The NPG was formally introduced as Prince’s new backing band in the summer of 1990 on the “Nude Tour”.  The band made its recording debut in 1991 on the wildly successful and critically acclaimed, “Diamonds and Pearls” album – which spawned more hits on the Billboard charts than any other Prince album released since 1984’s “Purple Rain”. Most reviews pointed to the musical synergy between Prince and his new band.

Today’s configuration of the NPG consists of a number of long-time alumni of the band and varies somewhat with each tour. At the core is Morris Hayes (MD and keyboards), Tony Mosley (guitar and vocals), Damon Dickson (percussion, background vocals and dance) and the NPG’s official new lead singer MacKenzie. Others like Tommy Barbarella (keyboards), Levi Seacer Jr. (guitar), Sonny Thompson (bass), Kirk Johnson (drums), Michael Bland (drums), Chance Howard (keyboards and vocals), Mono Neon (bass), Mike Scott (guitar), Ida Nielsen (bass), Donna Grantis (guitar), Rhonda Smith (bass), Lynn Grissett (trumpet), Keith Anderson (sax) and the Hornheadz have all joined them on live performances in the past two years. When work schedules do not allow for other NPG guitarists to perform on a particular date or tour Homer O’Dell, the guitarist for the Minneapolis based Grammy-nominated band Mint Condition, joins them as well.




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