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After over a decade of making music, Aussie rockers Thirsty Merc are still excited to be making music, and as thirsty as ever. They released an indie EP, which garnered triple J airplay back in 2003, three critically acclaimed studio albums, an acoustic fan favourites record entitled ‘AAA: Acoustic Anniversary Album’ and a swag of classic tracks such as “20 Good Reasons”, “Emancipate Myself”, “Someday Someday”, “Mousetrap Heart” and “In The Summertime.”

After originally being signed to Warner Music, the band has witnessed the music industry evolve drastically. Thistlethwayte explains, “There’s been a huge flattening of the industry since 2000, when CDs were at their absolute peak. Major record companies don’t really have a long-term approach anymore, but we are long-term musicians and we’re definitely in it for the long haul.”

And so, taking advantage of crowdfunding to release their new material independently seemed to be the most natural fit for Thistlethwayte and his bandmates Phil Stack and Matt Smith.

For their forthcoming release, Thistlethwayte is eager to incorporate some “acoustic guitars, Hammond organs, and we’re going to explore some classic rock, storytelling and folk elements.”

More importantly, the band is ensuring they return to the rock roots they unleashed on their first record. “A really important element for us is going into the same headspace of where it all began, and we’re lucky enough to be working with the producer who helmed our first album, Lindsay Gravina.”


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