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The magic in that – the magic that has taken Thundamentals from the mountains to the city to the nation – lies in Tuka and Jeswon’s ability to tackle big issues without preaching. On tracks like “Blue Balloons” – a tribute to a young fan who passed away – and “Ignorance Is Bliss” – which tackles “white privilege” head on – the vocalists challenge us to think about our humanity, but never tell us exactly how we should think about it.
“I guess that our philosophy is to kind of weave in these little seeds of opinion, but not to be too overbearing,” says Jeswon. “The way it goes in Australia, people are often apathetic, and that’s kind of the Aussie way – if people feel like they’re getting a mouthful of politics then they tend to switch off, so you have to be smarter than that if you wanna talk to them.”
Tellingly, even on more laid back tracks – like the anti-dance anthem “Sally” or the old skool nostalgia of “Reebok Pumps” – Everyone We Know challenges preconceptions with the same breath that brings the good times. “We try to connect to what is there in people’s lives,” says Tuka, “the stuff that people can already draw on, and sew it together in an original way, a way that can make them think.”

Featuring, fittingly, a cast of friends – including guests Peta and the Wolves on “Think About It”, Laneous on “Heard It On The Low” and “Everyone We Know”, and Hilltop Hoods on the final cut, “21 Grams” – the scene that Everyone We Know sews together is definitely original, a host of disparate threads drawn together to create an album that reminds us that what you say is always shaped by what has been said to you.


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