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For Tim Finn, the magic has been happening over a long period…across generations, beyond horizons and around the world. One of the new century’s great classicists, Finn has a formidable reputation as a singer and songwriter.

His lineage goes back to the group he co-founded in New Zealand in the early 1970′s, Split Enz. Alongside that is his praised solo work, as well as tenure with Crowded House (alongside brother Neil). Put simply Tim Finn is responsible for some of the most treasured and loved songs in modern music. From Six Months In A Leaky Boat, I See Red and Poor Boy to Persuasion, I Hope I Never, Made My Day and Fraction Too Much Friction. Then there’s the songs he co-wrote for the acclaimed Crowded House album Woodface. The timeless Weather With You, It’s Only Natural and Chocolate Cake.

Finn’s collaborative spirit and willingness to push his musical limits has seen his career now span some four decades, a rare achievement in an age of instant gratification and faceless, cookie-cutter pop. It has allowed him to tour the world countless times and work with some of the most recognisable names in contemporary music.

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