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TurtleCare And BushCare Sunshine Coast

TurtleCare and BushCare Sunshine Coast

Since their ancient ancestors took their first evolutionary step into the oceans, sea turtles have been returning to the land to lay their eggs on beaches around the world. While this strategy has served them well for over 100 million years, today all sea turtle species are experiencing a range of human-induced impacts that are threatening their continued survival.

The main species nesting on Sunshine Coast beaches are the Loggerhead turtle and, less frequently, the Green turtle.

There are many ways you can help conserve our local marine turtle nesting habitats, such as:

  • turning lights out from November to May,
  • volunteering in BushCare activities along our beaches, and
  • use your own reusable bag, drink bottle and coffee cup.

Visit council’s TurtleCare and BushCare programs in the Funky Forest to learn about our local beaches, how you can help to conserve marine turtle nesting habitat and screen print your very own reusable, calico bag.

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