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Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi has been singing her whole life and it shows.

The moment she sings people can’t help but notice. Hers is one of the great voices of Australian music, a voice that led to huge hit singles (‘Absolutely Everybody’, ‘Shine’) and the album ‘The Power’. Vanessa Amorosi became the first Australian female to reach #1 on the National ARIA chart with her debut album.

She was 18.

In May 2008, now 26, Vanessa Amorosi delivers her eagerly anticipated second album, ‘Somewhere In The Real World’.

It’s been worth the wait. “Through the quiet time – when people must have thought I’d run away and joined the circus – I was doing a lot of production. “I love walking into studios. I’ve always been fascinated by the sound and the feel that comes from different technologies. I was fixated on creating the feel records used to have, creating an energy in recording with modern technology, as well as being a singer and songwriter. I was so into it I actually went around every studio in Melbourne and said “Can I just sit here and watch you do your job?”

“I spent a good four years doing that and then I started writing for other people. I’m constantly writing songs. I have a catalogue of thousands of songs sitting on my hard-drive. People were asking if I would like to write for other artists, so I started doing writing sessions

I got to a point, after all that, after doing all that work and doing a lot of studio stuff, where I realised I really missed singing on a stage.

I was singing for hours in the studio, but that’s nothing compared to singing live in front of people. That thirst, that hunger for wanting a crowd and winning them over started to come back. I decided I wasn’t ready yet to put the microphone down.

I started seeking out people who could inspire me, people who could push me to a level that I hadn’t previously been pushed, to give me something to fight for. That’s when I met my manager Ralph Carr, who’s just as feisty and passionate about it as I am. I don’t want a manager who agrees with me. I want someone who challenges me and has different opinions. I said to him,I want to write this new album and I want to be frightened about doing it. “

“We’ve got great songwriters in Australia and great studios and people I love working with but I’d been working in those studios for the last four years so we decided to work on the new album in America.

I wanted to work with people who didn’t know me, who had no previous expectations, who wouldn’t look at me twice. I was more interested in them, to work with them, to make them want me, and I would do the rest.”

This was before any deal was made with a record company

In November 2006 it was announced she had signed to Universal Music Australia.

“We went to the States and that’s when the real work started. I wanted them [her collaborators] to be just as excited stepping into the studio as I was. I didn’t want them to think of it as another day at work. I didn’t care if it was a dance song or a ballad or if it was a rock song. It had to be something I wanted to wake up and sing, something other people wanted to listen to”

On the way to ‘Somewhere In The Real World’ Vanessa wrote hundreds of songs with some of the best song writers in the world and recorded in America with songwriters and producers Ron Aniello (Bareback Ladies), Greg Wells (Mika, Timbaland) and Cliff Magness (Pink, Avril Lavigne)

“I think this album represents me finally. When I listen to ‘Absolutely Everybody’ and ‘Shine’ now, I sound like a baby, because I was a baby. ‘Somewhere In The Real World’ represents who I am now and I believe it’s still recognisable. You can’t change your soul, but I have matured and have had life experiences that brought out these songs.”

I took a long time making sure that every song on the album meant something to me. I wanted it to be one of those albums you buy, where you listen to it from the beginning to the end and it takes you on a journey.

Somewhere In The Real World is a journal of what I’ve been doing.

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