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Visual Artist Profile – Leonie Wohlsen

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Creativity is my passion and from a very young age has defined who I am and how I live my life. I have been fortunate enough to grow up on the Sunshine Coast before moving to Fraser Island for a few years and then travelling around Australia eventually returning back to Caloundra for a life beside the sea.

I am inspired and motivated every day by people, experiences and nature, especially the ocean. Living here has given me some fantastic opportunities and I am so grateful to live I life I enjoy. My artistic expression is unlimited, I am often asked how I get involved in so many different work fields and the answer is quite simple, I just love being creative! Using a broad variety of mediums keeps my mind fresh and my creativity evolving.

I am a Chef and my work with food has brought me some amazing experiences. I have enjoyed working for Allan and Janine Langer in their various Restaurants and more recently heading the team for Alfies Event Hire and Catering. Another high light of my Chef life is working with Kim McCosker and her incredible team at 4 Ingredients. The process of making a cook book come to life is fascinating, styling food for photo shoots is like being a kid in a toy store, there is just so many things to play with and create.

My parents have had a huge influence on my life. They have always encouraged me to enjoy life and to have confidence in what I do. They are both very versatile people and have always been able to make things and have good work ethics. I guess that’s where my sense of ability comes from, if I can imagine something then I will have a go at making it or doing it. This carries through everything from sewing to painting, illustrating even motherhood.

In 2015 I entered and won a T shirt design competition held at Coffee Cat for the Caloundra Music Festival which saw my guitar design being paraded around on singlets and shirts, I loved it! I was invited back again in 2016 and 2017 to design signature pieces for the Caloundra Music Festival range. The opportunity has opened many doors including designing for clothing companies, surfboard art and creating wall murals.

My future is looking bright, I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and have a very caring and clever husband by my side. My days are a mix of pens, food, fabric, sand between my toes and often a fishing rod in my hand. It’s busy and for filling, I can’t wait to see what opportunities lie ahead.

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