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Sunday 5th October

The world-renowned psychedelic rock band, WOLFMOTHER is back in action with their new album, New Crown, which was unexpectedly released via Bandcamp on March 23rd. The ten-track record has already received outstanding reviews from music publications across the globe. Billboard declares it “a return to Wolfmother’s psychedelic rock origins,” while Rolling Stone says the songs embody a new plethora of sounds from “punk-leaning edge” to “more…riffs and lo-fi production values than past albums.” With this fiery third release, WOLFMOTHER is ready to share their new music and old favourites at the 2014 Caloundra Music Festival.

WOLFMOTHER are excited to finally give fans the third album they’ve been waiting for, with a sound that shows the world they are more unified than ever. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Andrew Stockdale believes New Crown encompasses the band’s original signature sound.  “I think people are sort of glad to hear we’ve got back to our roots with what made Wolfmother in the first place,” he says. “The sound at the moment just feels right for me”.  This year marks a legendary chapter in the band’s career as they share new music for the first time innearly five years, coupled with relentless international touring. This year also commemorates a monumental milestone in the history of WOLFMOTHER – a decade since their first live show Vic On The Park in Sydney on April 15th 2004, making this a legendary moment in time for the band.  “If anything this record is about making you want to see the band live, which is where Wolfmother comes to life!”

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